Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag: 2018 Edition

Hi everyone! It’s wild to think that we are halfway through 2018 already, time has flown by! I did this tag last year as well and it was really enjoyable, so when I saw it on Kristen Kraves Books’ blog, I knew I had to do it again for 2018 (you can check out her post here!)

At this point, I’ve read 22 books so far in 2018. My Goodreads goal is 40, and considering we’re halfway through the year and I’m a little more than halfway through my goal, I’m pretty happy with that! Let’s get started with the tag!

Best book you’ve read so far in 2018

I’ve read so many good books already this year, so there’s no way I can pick just one! It’s definitely a toss-up between Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta, Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, Escaping from Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco, and The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue by Mackenzie Lee. I know that’s so many and 1/5 of the books I’ve read so far this year but I honestly can’t choose! I loved each of these reads. If I haaad to narrow it even further, I’d say my top two were Jellicoe Road and Gentleman’s Guide. Both are probably on my list of all-time favorite books.

33810737Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2018

I absolutely loved The Case for Jamie by Brittany Cavallaro! It’s the third book in the Charlotte Holmes series, which is seriously underrated. This third installment was quite different from the first two, but as you can tell from my extremely long review, I thoroughly enjoyed it and the depth it brought to the characters, as well as Charlotte’s added POV.

34323570New release you haven’t read yet but want to

There are so many I could name for this question – I’m pretty far behind in terms of books that have come out recently because I’ve been so busy! But my four main new releases that have already come out that I want to have read by the end of the year are Furyborn by Claire Legrand, Save the Date by Morgan Matson, Smoke in the Sun by Renee Ahdieh, and A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir.

Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

In case you all can’t tell, I am extremely indecisive and choosing just one book for any of these questions is a struggle for me, haha, so once again, I have multiple answers for this. My #1 most anticipated release is Escaping from Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco, and I was able to get my hands on it at BookCon this year and just finished it (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so I’ll include my three other most anticipated releases: Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake, The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy by Mackenzie Lee, and Wildcard by Marie Lu! All are follow-ups to books I LOVED last year, and I absolutely cannot wait to read them this fall.

Biggest disappointment

My most disappointing read of the year so far has been Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill. I had been wanting to read this book for a while and it was pitched as being similar to the Ruined series, which I love, but I ended up DNF-ing it halfway through and rating it one and a half stars. The world-building was very cool, but I absolutely hated the love interest and the main character was obsessed with him – I just couldn’t stomach it.


Biggest surprise

I can definitely say that I did not expect to love Radio Silence by Alice Oseman as much as I did. I kind of picked it up on a whim and ended up really enjoying it. It was super relatable and fun, and had great characters and representation.

Favorite new author

Tomi Adeyemi is definitely my favorite new author I’ve read this year. Although she only has one book out, it was spectacular and I cannot wait to see what she puts out next. She’s already becoming one of the biggest voices in YA fiction and I am so happy about it.

Newest fictional crush

Miles from Royals by Rachel Hawkins totally stole my heart in this sweet read.


Newest favorite character

The whole cast of The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue! Monty, Percy, and Felicity were so much fun to read about, and I absolutely loved all three of them. I can’t wait to read the Lady’s Guide this fall!


Book that made you cry

None of the books I’ve read so far this year have made me full-on cry, but I did get a little teary reading Jellicoe Road just because of how beautiful it was and how much I connected with it. Surprisingly, Save the Date by Morgan Matson got a little bit emotional at points and I connected with certain aspects of the story, which made me emotional as well.

Book that made you happy

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue was SO much fun to read, and it most definitely made me happy!

Favorite book-to-film adaptation

The only book-to-movie adaptation I’ve seen so far this year was Love, Simon, which was absolutely fantastic so I’m happy with calling it my favorite. I also have high hopes for the Darkest Minds, To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and The Hate U Give adaptations that are coming out later this year!

Favorite post you’ve made so far this year

Probably my post about which authors I’ve met! It was really fun to travel down memory lane and talk about such happy memories I’ve had over the years meeting some of my favorite authors.

35181314Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year

Definitely Heart of Iron by Ashley Posten. I’m absolutely in love with the cover, and I could not resist buying it. A beautiful book that I bought this year but haven’t read yet is Furyborn by Claire Legrand! That book is absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to get to it.


A book you need to read by the end of the year

I really want to read the final Falling Kingdoms book, Immortal Reign, by the end of this year. I put off reading it when it came out because I didn’t remember much from the previous book, but I really want to finish this series.

Well, that was fun! What are some of your favorite books you’ve read so far this year? And what are some that you want to read before 2018 is over? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading,



3 thoughts on “Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag: 2018 Edition

  1. Omg I also loved Radio Silence, and I got a bit teary at the end of Save the Date! I’m really looking forward to the Dear Evan Hansen novel, and there are too many books I need to read by the end of this year!

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